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TPI (Test Products International, Inc.)

Find the right tool, for the right price. Value and performance are at the core of each and every TPI product. Welcome to TPI (Test Products International, Inc.). Since 1997, TPI has been striving to offer the latest technology at the most affordable price to technicians, contractors, engineers and others seeking value based test and measurement instruments. Our mission is to become the leading independent manufacturer and supplier of low cost high performance industrial instrumentation. Headquartered in the heart of the “Silicon Forest” in Beaverton, Oregon, TPI combines innovation, performance, customer service and high-value in products which include: Vibration, Combustion, Pressure (manometers), Temperature, Combustible gas, Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, IAQ, specialty test and measurement instruments, and a wide range of accessories. TPI has a global footprint with wholly owned subsidiaries in the UK and Canada. Entrepreneur, Dr. Russ Sion, a leader in the field of condition based monitoring, is the Managing Director of TPI Europe at the R&D facilities in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Sales and service centers are located in Beaverton, Oregon, USA; Milton, Ontario, Canada; and Crawley, West Sussex, UK. With over 40 years of experience in the instrumentation business, J.P. Aleskus, Jr., TPI Founder and President, and his team in Beaverton, Oregon, are eager to help each of their customers find the right tool, for the right price. The TPI Customer Service Team prides itself on product instruction, service and satisfaction beyond the sale. Whether you have questions regarding instrument selection, application or calibration, a TPI Team Member is always happy to help. Please provide us with a few details below and we will be pleased to assist you directly.

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:Magnetic Reed Switches
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:Thumbwheel Switches Pushwheel Switches
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:Tilt Switches
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:Encoder Switches
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:Encoder Switches
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:Encoder Switches
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